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About Us

Boynton Built Homes - Custom Home Builder

Boynton Built Homes started business in 1998, after building for several years (since 1990) building for others.

We have 31 years of experience in creative construction and finish work. We work with a local award-winning architect which we have a great relationship with. Having a well-rounded work force is the key to a well-planned design and finished product.

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What We Do

Designing & Building

We work with antique wood and metal products from the past for finish work to make a home one of a kind, create custom tile projects to bring out the best in craftsmanship.

Island Farm Estate
Lemhi Valley View Estate

Our Work Value

Quality Building

Our products we consider a work of art from start to finish, we keep up on the latest building materials and codes. If you want a house just to live in and completed in a short time we are probably not the right builder of choice. Our Homes are custom from start to finish and are not burdened by time limits. We are involved in one project at a time and gets our full attention. Quality is a must and time is not an issue.

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Why Choose Us

The wait could be awhile but it’s well worth it.

Our Reputation

Our reputation speaks for its self, from previous clientele and 30+ years building and perfecting quality and creativeness.  


Custom Builder

From cosmetic finish work and creative ideas the home evolves into the wants and desires of our clientele.       



Combining years of experience with creative intellect our finish product takes time and patience. 


We collaborate with outstanding creative businesses.

Lets Get Started

At Boynton Built Homes, we strive to provide the best well-planned design for our clientele.  It starts with ideas, input and desires from you, our future home buyer.  Our expertise in creative construction and finish work reflects in our current and past projects.  Browse through our projects and contact us with your questions and ideas.  We are always happy to chat with you.  

Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm

Phone: (208) 756-4951
Email: [email protected]

Address: 605 Lena Street       Salmon, Idaho